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The Wilkins Sisters are Tangela Longstreet, Joyce Jones, and Tawana Cunningham from Memphis, TN. They are the daughters and back-up singers for their father, the late great Rev. John Wilkins.

The Wilkins Sisters were brought up singing in the church inspired by their mother

(Betty Maxwell Wilkins) and father (Rev. John Wilkins) and mix gospel, blues and R&B to make a music that is moving, soulful, and uplifting. As little girls they used to open for their father at services, shows, and picnics. Growing up they had their own groups and singing projects as well, and Tangela, the leader of the trio has had her own band, Tan and The Violinettes, for over 25 years.

The daughters came back together about 10 years ago when they were asked to

accompany their father on several songs on his award winning first full-length record,

You Can’t Hurry God, on Fat Possum’s Big Legal Mess label.

The daughters called themselves 3D, short for, 3 Daughters, when singing with their

father. They went on to tour with him for the next 10 years entertaining crowds and

festivals worldwide. For Reverend Wilkins’ second release, Trouble, recorded at famed

Royal Studios and released by Memphis label Goner Records, Rev Wilkins wanted his

daughters featured more prominently and that’s exactly what he did. Trouble

features the daughters ‘strong soulful vocal leads as well their warm, distinctive

harmonies. Upon their father’s untimely passing, Tangela, Joyce and Tawana decided

to get back together to honor their father and continue the family tradition as The

Wilkins Sisters.