What is Mempho VIP Credit?

Mempho Credit is for VIP ticket purchasers only. Mempho Credit is pre-loaded onto your RFID wristband and can be used to purchase food, drinks and Mempho merch. It cannot be used on any type of artist merch

How do I get Mempho Credit?

If you purchased a 3-Day VIP pass you will receive $100 in Mempho Credit pre-loaded on your RFID wristband. If you purchased a single day VIP ticket, you will receive $25 in Mempho Credit for each day you attend.

Where can I use Mempho Credit?

Mempho Credit can be used at all bar locations, food vendor locations, and the Mempho merch tent. Mempho Credit cannot be used for any artist merch.

What happens when I run out of my Mempho Credit?

Once you have used all your Mempho Credit, the bars, Mempho merch area, and food vendors will accept most major credit cards. Mempho Fest is a cashless event and no cash will be accepted.

You can also link your credit card to your wristband by going to

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